Supply list


I wanted to welcome everyone back to what will be a very productive school year!  Part of being productive is coming to school prepared everyday and ready to learn.  Here are the supplies needed for ELA class.

  •  1- 2 or 3 inch 3  ring binder. Ideally one with a clear cover over the front and back to store your weekly schedule.
  • Colored pencils
  • 3 marble composition notebook
  • White lined paper.  (You are responsible for bringing in more paper as you need it.)
  • 9 page dividers labeled accordingly: 1.Grammar, 2. Reading, 3.Writing, 4.Projects, 5. State Testing, 6. Vocabulary 7. Articles, 8.Novels and  9. Scholastic   
  • 3 plastic folders of any color.  These should be able to attach inside your binder.
  • 1- white out corrective tape. (The liquid is too messy.)
  • 6- Blue or Black pens.
  • 6- #2 pencils.  (These can be mechanical or regular.)
  • 3 highlighters of any color you choose.
  • 1- large eraser

****OPTIONAL- 1- Fabric zipper pencil case that attaches inside your binder so supplies can be easily stored and reachable.

Mrs. Henebry