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Mrs. Magan
Welcome back!
My name is Maria Magan. I've been the Attendance Officer at Franklin School for 6 years.
Below is the attendance policy at the school.
  • If your child is sick and is unable to attend school, please call the number listed on the right. 
  • Doctor's notes must be submitted to the school via email or can be personally dropped off during school hours. Please try to make routine doctor or dentist appointments after school as instructional time is very important. 
  • Students must be in class by 8:55, or they will receive a late pass. Students grades 5-8 after receiving 4 or more lates will receive a detention. Students will continue to receive detention daily until the new marking period, then the count restarts again.  
  • If you must travel for emergency reasons, you must contact the office before making travel plans. Vacation is an unexcused absence. A parental conference with the Attendance officer must be done before leaving, providing itinerary to be left on file. It is the child's responsibility to makeup work.
The maximum amount of days your child can be absent for is 18 days. Students are responsible for all work that they miss during any absences. Students are given 5 days to make up any work missed.  If the child needs additional time that is up to the teacher. If this is exceeded, your child can be retained a grade. Any student who exceeds the permitted days out will be required to have an Attendance Review Meeting in June. This meeting will go over any doctors' notes and determine if your child is promoted to the next grade. No absences will be excused until the Attendance Review Meeting. The only absences that will be excused are Religious Holidays and any court dates. Religious Holidays must be observed by the State Calendar. For court appointments documentation needed upon return to school.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I hope you all have a safe and healthy school year!
Maria Magan