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📰 Welcome to the School Newspaper!
🌟 Students who are in 7th or 8th grade are able to join the school newspaper.  We will meet monthly to discuss ideas for our newspaper.  Ms. Martinelli and Ms. Izzy are the moderators of this club and you can see either of them for details.  Hope to see you at our next meeting! 😃 🗞
Description of club:
  • The school newspaper provides opportunities for students to see writing and reading connections. It bridges the gap between school-sponsored writing and writing in the real world. The activities in creating a classroom newspaper are based on current research findings in reading and writing.
  • Must publish online once every marking period (4 times a year) 
  • To be held: After school meetings; after school participation
  • Hours: Minimum of one hour 
  • Frequency:  Meeting to be held at least once a month.