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Welcome to Ms Quintano's 4th Grade Class



Hello Parents and Students,



Welcome to My Page, let me introduce myself.  I am Ms. Quintano, your child's fourth grade teacher. I have been teaching in District for the past 21 years and have held many diverse roles during that time, to say that I am adaptable is an understatement. I have taught every grade starting with Kindergarten through to High School.  I was a fourth grade teacher for 2 years when I first began teaching and than quickly was transitioned into being the first Technology teacher within the District.... that was almost 17 years ago. Time does Fly! I have worked in every building and have done professional development for teachers using technology, implemented classroom lessons utilizing technology, set up schedules with Administrators and was part of a team that introduced the first Technology Curriculum to the District and played a progressive and active role in the delivery of instruction.


I am very hands on when it comes to using technology in the classroom and love to intergrate our core subjects so that learning is not skill and drill but content that is meaningful and enjoyable. We will be experimenting in Science and learning about History and Geography with a heavy content focus on comprehension and writing, so please prepare your children as they will be writing a lot this year.


I am excited to be back with the students in the classroom and am eager for this Upcoming Academic School Year! I'm a firm believer of creating a learning environment that is both safe, respectful, comfortable, structured yet welcoming to all students but most of all conducive to the love of learning.



Welcome Class of 2022- 2023!



Let's Have a Great Year!