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Welcome to Ms Quintano's 4th Grade Class



Hello Parents and Students,



Welcome to My Page, let me first start by introducing myself.  I am Ms. Quintano, your child's fourth grade teacher. I have been teaching in District for the past 20 years and have held many diverse roles during that time, to say that I am adaptable is an understatement. I have taught every grade starting with Kindergarten through to High School.  I was a fourth grade teacher for 2 years when I first began teaching and than quickly was transitioned into being the first Technology teacher within the District.... that was almost 16 years ago. Wow! Does Time Fly! I have worked in every building and have done professional development for teachers using technology, implemented classroom lessons utilizing technology, set up schedules with Administrators and was part of a team that introduced the first Technology Curriculum to the District and played a progressive and active role in the delivery of instruction.


I enjoy being back in the classroom and am Eager for this Upcoming Academic School Year! Although this school year is not like any other, I am certain that we will get through Virtual Learning together, I am here to help you be able to learn in a setting that is both safe, comfortable , welcoming and most of all conducive to learning.


Welcome Class of 2021- 2022!



Let's Have a Great Year!