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Practice Tips

* If possible, buy a music stand. It's easier to play with correct posture when you can look straight ahead at your music. You can get a folding music stand at any music store for about $20.


* Find a quiet place where you can do your practicing without being distracted. Make time in your schedule to practice at least four times a week for at least 15-20 minutes at a time. This will keep your embouchure in shape and help you remember all the techniques you learned in your lesson.


* Check your practice chart to be reminded of what assignments you should work on this week. Start with a warmup. This might consist of scales, long tones and/or rhythm exercises. Percussionists should work on taps, rolls, and rudiments. Next, practice your method book assignments. Break up each song into smaller sections to make them more manageable, and then try the entire song. Play the songs at a slow tempo and once you can play them accurately, try speeding them up. After your method book assignments, work on sections of your band music that you know you need to practice, and then try running the songs all the way through. Additionally, you can work on duets with friends, sight read, or buy music on your own that you would like to play for fun. Some students enjoy practicing with each other over FaceTime. Percussionists who own drum sets can play along with their favorite tunes.