Mrs. Carmelina Vant » Expectations


Please know that I expect my students to...: on time.  Our periods are not very long, and we have important material to cover each lesson.  Please be on time for each class so that we can begin working right away.
...practice before and after our meets.  The work we do together will help you become stronger and more confident readers.  Please make sure you practice the skills we do during class time even when we are not meeting.  :) respectful of the other students in class.  This means you should not speak when someone else is speaking, and you should listen to what others are saying when they are speaking.  In turn, I expect other students to do the same for you. prepared!  Have your materials (paper, pencil, whiteboard, dry erase marker, eraser) ready at the start of the class period!  You should not have to leave your computer to go searching for these items, as it takes up valuable class time. a good communicator.  If you will not be able to be present for our class time, please let me know.  You can post on my Google Classroom stream or send me an email (